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TYKO Electronics Co., Ltd.

Why SYSBEL:Authority of the FM certification, safety and rest assured;Manufacturers and distributors of meticulous service;Personalized solutions for customers;Picture for our staff to guide customers to use the security cabinet...

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Shen Tong Metro Ltd.

Why SYSBEL:Customers from the authority of the third party fire certification, brand awareness, product quality, price, delivery and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, chose Baer as the Sith fire cabinet maintenance station standard brand....

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Jeep production enterprise

Why SYSBEL:sysbel fire cabinet with FM certification, in accordance with the superior inspection standards;Recognized the Sith brand, short delivery, high quality to meet customer expectations....

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Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Why SYSBEL:SYSBEL is the only domestic brands at the same time through the FM and EU certification, product quality guaranteed, impeccable quality.Supply is very timely, from customers to buy products in place only 3 days.Reasonable price: in the same product quality brand in the highest price...

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Why SYSBEL:SYSBEL brands are included in the procurement system, directly through the procurement of suppliers.High quality products and customer market positioning....

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Why SYSBEL:This product has the European Union CE certification and the United States FM certification;Can the orderly management of stored chemicals, to prevent the occurrence of accidental ignition events;Reasonable price, quality assurance...

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China Eastern Airlines

Why SYSBEL:Goods in stock;Quality;Industry standards...

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Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Why SYSBEL:This product has the EU CE certification,to prevent pollution job shop environment,to protect the health of employees.Short delivery, reasonable price and high quality...

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Automotive components company

Why SYSBEL:stable quality;overall professional solutions;potential demand for safe products;multiple purchases, a good evaluation....

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Why SYSBEL:Only through the FM certified company, SYSBEL high-quality products and BMW's high-end market positioning is very consistent.High price and short delivery time and delivery time....

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Exhibition in Vietnam


Long term cooperation

Good policy for our distributor

Certified products for customer(FM/CE/CSA…)

Good quality with competitive price

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