PP Fume Hood

PP Fume Hoods are widely used in industries such as chemical engineering, medicine, automobiles, steel mills, universities, and scientific research institutions.

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PP Fume Hood

Product features

Porcelain white PP plate, fresh and pleasant, beautiful and elegant; with resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; reduce environmental pollution and maintain user health. 


Applicable to all types of high-cleanliness laboratories such as: trace metal laboratories, drug laboratories, biological laboratories, and semiconductor laboratories. PP Fume Hoods are widely used in industries such as chemical engineering, medicine, automobiles, steel mills, universities, and scientific research institutions.

PP fume hood

1. overall material


8mm acid and alkali resistant PP material, welded together with the same color of the same electrode. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, excellent weather resistance;

The upper and down cabinets adopt a hidden interlocking structure. When transporting, they are integrated, increasing the transportation safety. During loading and unloading, could be separated without opening the packaging, and the efficiency can be improved while protecting the products.

Up and down split type, cabinet structure and process are analyzed by FEA to ensure the best mechanical properties.

The left and right columns of the upper cabinet and forehead panel are equipped with a 45° progressive diversion structure to avoid spoilage caused by gas spillage.

The bottom cabinet has a through baseboard, which facilitates the operation of the personnel. When the row is placed, there is no column (through type) in the middle of the skirting board, which affects the appearance and facilitates cleaning and cleaning.

The backplane improves the load-bearing capacity and stability to the ground.

The down cabinet has a maintenance plate, and the maintenance plate is decorated as a panel.

Tabletop: 8mm acid and alkali resistant PP material lined with "T-type structure", high strength, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean. (Table top optional: physicochemical board, marble, epoxy resin, ceramics and other materials)

2. Sliding door system

Guide rails: special PVC material, line contact design, minimal friction reduction

Window handle: special PVC material, ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

Wire rope structure weight block: Placed in the side plate maintenance hole for future maintenance operations;

Synchronous wheel structure counterweight: Placed on the back side of the backplane to simplify the structure and improve reliability; Synchronous shaft adopts pin-free nail square tube structure to ensure the structure is stable and reliable.

Hidden sliding door suspension system, wire rope or timing belt hidden in the track, reducing the risk of corrosion by the exhaust gas, greatly extending the service life.

Windows: The left and right sides are independently suspended to avoid the safety problems caused by the drop of the suspension cable and the sudden drop of the sliding door. The design of the no-segment left and right synchronous design, the feel is light, and the height of the sliding door can be freely adjusted for any corner of the single-finger picking door. Standard 5mm tempered glass, with good strength and safety.

Drawstring: "PU timing belt" or "316L stainless steel outsourcing PVC wire rope".


3.electronic devices:

Lighting: Waterproof, dustproof, impact resistant Three shades, LED tubes

Socket: Laboratory-specific anti-corrosion PP anti-corrosion cover plate + three-hole multi-function socket

Distribution box: Homogeneous PP housing*1, Contactor*1, Thermal relay*1, Miniature circuit breaker*1

Controller: Integrated control panel with LCD display, visual control of various parameters, allowing you to worry about the operation, IMD-type film forming the paint frame, to avoid the appearance of defects caused by paint stripping during transport or use.

Other Accessories:

Door handle: acid and alkali resistant PP material

Hinge hinge: acid and alkali resistant PP material

Hood: acid and alkali resistant PP material, standard 250MM air outlet (outlet size can be customized according to requirements)

Diversion clip: acid and alkali resistant PP material

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