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Best Practice of PP Medicine Cabinet

Sep 06, 2018

Porcelain white PP plate, fresh and pleasant, beautiful and generous; with resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion resistance; reduce environmental pollution and maintain user health; adjustable shelf facilitates cleaning, it is especially suitable for placing high-concentration acid-alkaline solutions in the laboratory and has superior corrosion resistance. It is suitable for all types of high cleanliness laboratories, such as trace metal laboratories, drug laboratories, biological laboratories, and semiconductor laboratories. It is widely used in chemical, medical, automotive, steel mills, universities, and scientific research institutions.

PP Medicine Cabinet

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Polyethylene Corrosive Cabinets

Flammable cabinet

PP Medicine Cabinet

Polyethylene Corrosive Cabinets Flammable cabinet


Many new chemical reagents need to be classified safely. According to reagent properties, they are stored in flammable, weak corrosive chemical cabinets, PP cabinets and drug cabinets.

Polyethylene Corrosive Cabinets


SYSBEL Safe storage cabinets not only check the safety clearance, but also play a safe storage role, greatly reducing the potential safety hazard.