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Electronic,Chemical Companies Frequently Explosion , How To Control ? -SYSBEL

Dec 14, 2017

Recently, frequent occurrences of fire or even explosion in industrial enterprises have brought shocking results and fully exposed the current lack of safety awareness in general and the weak ability to control dangerous chemicals.
At 2:20 a.m. on December 9, an explosion occurred in the workshop No.4 of Juxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Duganggang Town, Guannan County, Lianyungang City, causing an explosion near the No.6 workshop. As of now, four people were killed in the accident and one was successfully rescued. Six more were buried. Relevant person in charge of the enterprise involved, the person responsible has been the police control.

On December 1, an electronic factory in Wuhan caught fire in the darkness and exploded many times last year. Explosion of fire at night in an electronics factory in Wuhan The plant exploded twice last year. The company mainly produces lithium batteries. In August last year, the finished workshop of one of the company's factories had been exploded with fire and hundreds of square meters of workshop was burnt down. Last October, a container of used lithium batteries was collected and exploded and the fire lasted two hours Was extinguished.

July 30, Shunde Ronggui electronic factory fire, sky, there are several fire engines to fire. The scene was thick smoke billowing, and from time to time there is a flaming out of the plant inside.
On June 6, a liquefied gas tanker truck at the loading and unloading area of Linyi Jinyu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., located in Lincun Town, Linyi Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, exploded and caused a fire when it was loaded and unloaded. According to Linyi City, Linyi City, Linyi Port reputation Petrochemical "6.5" rescue headquarters command accident, the accident killed 8 people.

Why business fire and explosion accidents, how to control dangerous chemicals in the end?
SYSBEL: At present, many enterprises generally do not have standardized storage of hazardous chemicals, the safety awareness of the relevant responsible persons in the enterprise is weak, the management of hazardous chemicals is not in conformity with the regulations, the safeguards are not in place, but the consequences are unimaginable.

SYSBEL oil waste can has special lid whose opening angle is no more than 60 degree. The self-closing lid design ensuires the rag can tightly closed in the absence of external force, to effectively control the three elements of fires.

SYSBEL Safety Cans are the typical, single-spout safety cans in widest use for conveniently carrying, dispensing, and storing up to five gallons (19 litres) of flammable liquids. The basic purpose of a safety can is the control of flammable vapors to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities.