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Chemical Enterprise Fire Characteristics

Sep 10, 2018

1 raw materials are flammable and explosive

Conventional chemical raw materials such as common organic solvents include gasoline, kerosene, acetone, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride, etc., most of which are flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and highly corrosive. These raw materials generally have a low flash point and are volatile. When the mixed steam reaches the lower explosion limit, a combustion explosion will occur once an open flame is encountered.

2 process is more dangerous

Chemical companies usually have to go through dozens or even dozens of processes and have strict requirements on various process parameters. Different companies have large differences in production scale, process flow, product properties, production conditions, etc., and the operation process is slightly careless, which will lead to fire accidents in the workshop.

3 combustion form is more complicated

In the event of a fire accident, the company is often accompanied by an explosion due to its low flash point, high heat, and large impact. Under the action of shock waves and air currents, it causes a chain reaction of large-scale destruction on the site. In the electroplating industry, there are many chemical raw materials used in the electroplating industry, and the plating tanks of various operations are often higher than the ground. In the event of fire, various forms of combustion such as ground turbulence, trench bonfire, production unit fire, pipeline jet fire, etc., and raw material spray may be formed. The fee phenomenon will bring more casualties.

4 equipment complex hidden dangers

The equipment involved in the production of chemical enterprises is also very different, and in the workshop environment with strong acid, alkali and strong oxidation, the power lines and electric heating equipment are prone to corrosion and aging. If the cable insulation layer is corroded for a long time, the cable body will gradually harden, and its heat resistance will be deteriorated. During operation, the cable line resistance heat temperature will rise continuously, and then the fire will occur; the line aging will cause short circuit and electrical equipment overload operation, easy An open flame such as an electric arc or an electric spark is generated, and it is easy to cause a fire once contact with a flammable or explosive material.

Regular corporate fire drills not only enhance employees' awareness of fire prevention, but more importantly, once a fire occurs, they can guide people on how to save themselves and avoid casualties!