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Chemical Safety Cabinet Manufacturer SYSBEL Analyzes A Deflagration Accident

Jul 20, 2018

At around 18:30 on July 12, a company (Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd.) in Yangchun Industrial Park, Jiang'an County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, exploded. After the incident, the main leaders of Yibin City and Jiang'an County, in charge of leadership, safety supervision, emergency, public security, fire, sanitation, environmental protection, park office and other departments responsible for the first time rushed to the scene to carry out emergency rescue and after-treatment . At present, the open fire on the scene has been extinguished, the search and rescue work has ended, and the detonation has caused 19 deaths and 12 injuries (the injured people are not life-threatening).

When comparing accidents in the chemical industry in history, it was found that fine, pharmaceutical and chemical accidents accounted for the largest proportion. The root cause lies in the random change of fine chemical process, simple control measures, small scale, low level of process self-control, and many on-site operators. Some enterprises have insufficient understanding of reaction safety risks, and they do not master or understand the process control points, and are easily out of control. Leading to fire, explosion, poisoning accidents, resulting in group deaths and injuries.

Safety storage is an effective way to prevent the fire risk,SYSBEL chemical storage cabinets use color management and label management to help you identify, manage and differentiate hazardous chemicals. SYSBEL chemical cabinet for flammable liquids for low and medium flash point flammable liquids, SYSBEL fireproof paint cabinet for the storage of paint, oil and other high flash point flammable liquids, Polyethylene acid corrosive storage cabinet cabinet for storage of corrosive liquids , SYSBEL hazardous storage cabinets for storing toxic chemicals, SYSBEL laboratory safety cabinets for the storage of pesticides, disinfectants and other chemicals.

SYSBEL developed chemical storage cabinets get approval certificate by FM Approval, It repress not only the quality of our tireless pursuit of products safety ,But also stands for the FM certified products quality level “best product certified by the highest standars”