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SYSBEL In China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo

Jul 07, 2020

The 100th China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo opened on July 3,2020 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.



China's first TüV certified fire safety cabinet (SE830450) is too eye-catching.

In the hazardous chemicals safety management area of E2 Hall of the 100th China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo, the EU standard safety cabinet burned black on the SYSBEL booth seems to be so "out of place" with other exhibits. It is also its particularity that attracts waves of spectators to watch and take photos.



The layman looks at the scene, the expert sees the way. A senior industry personage looked at the smoke blackened safety cabinet and nodded, "dare to bring the burned cabinet to display, which is a little interesting!"It is understood that this fire-proof safety storage cabinet is the first product in China to pass the German TüV test and obtain the EU standard EN 14470-1:2004 (type 30) certificate. In the most severe fire resistance test, after 30 minutes of high temperature (842 ℃) combustion in the furnace, the maximum temperature of 15 real-time temperature monitoring points in SYSBEL fire-proof safety storage cabinet is far lower than the standard requirement of 180 ℃.The standards and testing requirements of EU standard EN 14470-1:2004 are met and passed. This is the highest standard in the global safe storage cabinet industry and represents the highest level in the industry.



Focus on environmental safety and employee occupational safety

SYSBEL is the world's leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions. It is also the first industry leader in China to focus on the safe storage of hazardous chemicals. Over the years, it has made remarkable achievements in environmental safety and employee occupational safety through continuous in-depth innovation and research and development. At the exhibition site, we saw the exhibition of a full range of products, including safe storage of hazardous chemicals, leakage prevention and control, and special protective equipment, among which a blue safety cabinet was particularly eye-catching. According to the technical engineer on the side, this is a newly developed intelligent safe battery charging cabinet. It is the first time that it is specially designed for the charging and storage requirements of electric tools.


Over the years, SYSBEL has focused on environmental safety and employee occupational safety, invested a lot of manpower and material resources in product research and development and innovation, and continuously launched new products to provide safety guarantee for biomedicine, electronic industry, automobile industry, university scientific research institutions and other fields.


Show responsibility in fight epidemic

Forenoon of Labor Protection Exhibition.The chairman Lei and secretary general Gao of China Textile Business Association Safety, Health and Protection Products Committee came to the SYSBEL booth, bringing the war "Heroes" trophy and certificates to SYSBEL. Thank SYSBEL for its sacred mission and significant contribution to the material guarantee during the fight against the COVID19.After receiving the award, Mia Yue, CEO of the company, said, "we have never hesitated in the face of the epidemic situation. As long as we can do something for the society, we are willing to contribute to SYSBEL."In fact, SYSBEL has always been concerned about public welfare undertakings, and encouraged and supported employees to participate in public welfare activities. The company has organized volunteer service teams for many times to send care to the orphans and widows in welfare homes, popularize epidemic prevention knowledge and distribute epidemic prevention materials to the staff in the park. Since this year's epidemic period, we have actively provided many batches of protective materials for hospitals, traffic police and other units in Wuhan to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control.


In the past, we only saw the silent development of new products by SYSBEL for ten years. Today, through the presentation of awards to fight against the epidemic situation and the simple language of the company's leaders, we can see that SYSBEL dare to take a big responsibility and strive to be a benchmark in the industry. We also see such a responsible brand in the field of hazardous chemical safety.t is because there are many powerful and responsible enterprises like SYSBEL in the industry. We believe that China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo can hold another 100 sessions. Let's see you in Beijing next time!