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Details Of SYSBEL FM Approved Chemical Safety Cabinet

Nov 14, 2017

Details of SYSBEL FM approved chemical safety cabinet 

Functions of SYSBEL chemical safety cabinet

1. Safety storage of hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire and protect workers and equipment

2. Identify, organize, and isolate dangerous liquids

3. To provide consistent with the federal OSHA regulations and national and local fire regulations, the product passed FM, CE certification, in preparation for the security inspection department.

4. Make solvent storage near the point of use and increase efficiency

5. Keying the locking mechanism to improve safety

6 for the company to reduce waste of raw materials, save the company costs.

【Fire Explosion-proof Cabinet Material Structure Details】

【Cabinet】 double structure, using high-quality cold-rolled steel, phosphating, epoxy coating, high temperature curing. The bottom of the design anti-leakage threshold, can stay stagnant liquid leakage.

【Cabinet】 Both inside and outside the cabinet passivation of phosphoric acid, epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, maintaining a high finish and minimize the impact of corrosion and moisture and ultraviolet light.

【Laminates】 unique galvanized laminates, anti-corrosion and anti-leakage, laminates with 150 kg load-bearing capacity. Unique safety angle design, the laminate can safely guide the accidental splashes of liquid to the bottom of the leak-proof storage tank. Storage tank height of 50mm Meet the EPA requirements, 5 cm high leak-proof liquid tank so that the fluid does not overflow accidentally spilled.

【Cabinet Lock】 Three-point linkage lock, easy opening and closing 180 degrees of the door with a double key, make the operation more simple and safer.

【Fireproof hole】 Walls on both sides of the cabinet are designed with a diameter of 2 inches anti-fire device ---- double air holes.

【Color】 Yellow means flammable liquid, red means flammable liquid, blue means corrosive liquid, green means pesticide.

【Anti-static equipment】 In strict accordance with OSHA specifications, the cabinet has a static grounding conductive port, easy to connect the electrostatic grounding wire, to avoid the greatest danger.

1.Double-wall construction with 38mm insulating air space for fire resistance.
2.Over 1.2mm thick, fully welded,construction holds squareness for longer life, offering greater protection in a fire.
87.5px leak tight sump at the bottom of cabinet’s maximally catches incidental drips.
4.Door can be fully opened to 180°, easy to operate, three-point latch with a manual lock for better security.
5.Standardized warning label is highly visible and anti-corrosive.
6.Unique spill-catcher shelves catch incidental drips and adjust on 150px centers.
7.Durable&chemical resistant,lead-free powder coat inside and outside
cabinet,reduce effects of corrosion and humidity.
8.2inches vents with integral flame arresters in both sides of every cabinet.
9.In terms of OSHA, on outside side panel,there is built-in grounding static connector for easy grounding.

SYSBEL's safety cabinets are widely used in automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, food industry, power industry, new energy and other fields.Safety Cabinet gets FM certificate,CE certificate; Accord with(OSHA) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 & (NFPA) NFPA CODE 30.