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Do You Really Know Gas Cylinder Cabinet?

Aug 28, 2018

Gas cylinder refers to re-inflatable in normal environment (-40~60 °C), nominal working pressure is 1.0~30MPa (gauge pressure), nominal volume is 0.4~1 000 L, containing permanent gas, liquefied gas or dissolved. Gas moving pressure vessel.

Current gas cylinder storage chaos

1. Chemical gases such as acetylene and oxygen, which are easily reacted, are stored in the same chamber;

2. The warehouse lighting is not explosion-proof;

3. Failure to open vents as required;

4. No inverted chain is added;

5. Fire extinguishers are not equipped as required;

6. When working, the distance between acetylene and oxygen cylinder is too close

Requirements for transporting and handling cylinders

1. There should be an obvious safety sign on the means of transport;

2. Must wear a bottle cap, anti-vibration ring, lightly loaded and unloaded, it is strictly prohibited to throw, slide, roll, touch;

3. It is strictly forbidden to use electromagnetic crane and metal chain rope when lifting;

4. Gases that may cause burning, explosion, or poisonous substances may not be transported in the same vehicle;

5. When transporting by vehicle, the cylinder should be properly fixed;

6. Summer transportation should have sunshade facilities to avoid exposure, and urban areas should avoid daytime transportation;

7. When transporting flammable gas cylinders, fireworks are strictly prohibited. Fire-fighting equipment should be available on the means of transport;


Requirements for storing gas cylinders

1. It should be stored in a special warehouse, and the gas cylinder warehouse should comply with the relevant provisions of the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design";

2. There should be no trenches or dark passages in the warehouse. Open flames and other heat sources are strictly forbidden. The warehouse should be ventilated, dry, and protected from direct sunlight.

3. Containing gas cylinders that are prone to polymerization or decomposition of gases, the maximum temperature in the warehouse, the specified storage period must be controlled according to the nature of the gas, and radiation sources should be avoided;

4. Empty bottles and solid bottles should be placed separately and clearly marked. Gas cylinders in which toxic gas cylinders and bottles are in contact with each other can cause burning, explosion, and poisonous gas cylinders. They should be stored in separate rooms and equipped with anti-virus equipment or fire extinguishing nearby. equipment;

5. Place the cylinders neatly and wear the caps. The way of standing should be properly fixed. When placed horizontally, the head should face in the same direction;

Cylinder use requirements

1. The cylinder must be erected during use, and it is strictly forbidden to lie flat or inverted;

2. When the gas cylinder is placed upright, measures should be taken to prevent dumping;

3. Prevent exposure during the summer;

4. It is strictly forbidden to knock or collide during use;

5. It is strictly forbidden to conduct electronic welding arc on the gas cylinder;

6. It is strictly forbidden to change the stamp and color mark of the cylinder without authorization;

7. It is strictly forbidden to heat the cylinder with a heat source with a temperature exceeding 40 degrees;