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Eye Wash And Eye Drops Are Case Sensitive--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

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Eye drops not eye wash powerful but easy to use eye drops, people are easy to buy. However, experts suggest that where there is need to install eye wash installation should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, not opportunistic, that unexpected event does not occur, ignore the importance of eye wash.

Eye wash for the eye drops, there are a lot of advantages, it does not exist so many chemical ingredients, no harm to the eyes, and in chemical factories, laboratories and other hazards if encountered, can take timely measures to prevent the occurrence of risks.

Believe in the existence in the laboratory have eye wash! Seems so easy, with half a cup of weak tea in the eyewash, to wash the eyes, can quickly relieve fatigue, which is environmentally friendly and practical, and no harm to the eyes. However be sure to control the eye wash flow rate cannot be counter-productive to hurt my eyes.