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Eye Wash System Selection Techniques--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

Eye wash: when toxic and hazardous substances (such as chemical liquids etc) splash to the staff of the body, face, eyes or fire staff clothing on fire, using an effective security to quickly minimize the hazard protective equipment. But. Eye wash products are only used in emergency situations, and temporarily slow the pest further harm to the body, further treatment and treatment need to follow the doctor's instructions.

Eye wash way back in the 80 's in the advanced industrial countries (the United States and the United Kingdom, and so on) the most widely used in factories, laboratories and hospitals. Aimed to reduce suffering in the poisonous and harmful substances in the body damage, are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry and the place of exposure to dangerous goods.

How to select eye wash product?

First: according to the work site hazardous chemicals to determine

When you use the site there are chlorides, fluorides, sulphuric acid or oxalic acid concentration is more than 50%, only plastic ABS stainless steel eye wash or using special high performance stainless steel eye wash. Because used stainless steel 304 material production of wash eye device, can anti-general situation Xia of acid, and alkali, and salt and oil class, material of corrosion, but cannot anti-chloride, and fluoride, and sulfuric acid or is concentration over 50% of oxalic acid of corrosion, in above material exists of work environment, using stainless steel 304 material production of wash eye device, not to six months time, wash eye device on will has is big degree Shang of damage. ABS and ABS plastic spray concept is not the same. ABS is the use of ABS powder impregnation impregnation, liquid instead of ABS plastic.