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Eyewash System Applications--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

1, and stainless steel wash eye device used stainless steel 304 material production, can anti-acid, and alkali, and salt and oil class, chemicals material of corrosion, but, cannot anti-chloride, and fluoride, and sulfuric acid and concentration over 50% oxalic acid, chemicals material of corrosion, has above four class chemicals material exists of work site, please select imports wall type wash eye device or high performance anti-corrosion stainless steel wall type wash eye device.

2, only eye wash system (except for compound eye wash), no sprinkler system, therefore, can only be subjected to chemical substance splash of face, eyes, neck or arm and other parts of the cleaning.

3, mounted directly on the job site, the need to work requires fixed water, eye wash system water: 12-18 litres/minute.

4, in line with United States standard ANSI Z358-1 2004 eyewash provisions, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries.