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Eyewash System Using The Method--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

Eyewash use method 1 wash eye using method 2 use of eyewash for eye wash method 3 method 4 eye-wash using method 5 use eye wash 6 eyewash use method 7

Step by step reading

Compound eye wash and eye wash device for NA6610 shower system, applicable to accident rescue, rapid cleaning attached to the body of harmful substances, quickly by using large quantities of water spraying, flushing, to emergency response, so as to reduce the degree of injury, is also an economically viable method of decontamination.

1Chemical injury to the eye using the method

Open the dust cover

Eye wash to use

2Push gently push valve, clean water from wash eye applicators automatically ejected

Eye wash to use

3Before the eyes close to the eye wash nozzle, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes

Eye wash to use

4Push valve shall be reset after use and reset the dust cover

Eye wash to use

5When spilled chemicals used as follows:

6Pull down the valve lever by hand, the water from the spray head spray out

Eye wash to use

7Standing under the shower head, flush with plenty of water

Eye wash to use

8Use after the lever has to be reset

Eye wash to use

Matters needing attention

Eye wash installation height should be around 1.2 to 1.3 m

Eyewash station should be installed near the storage of dangerous goods in all workshop (30 m)

When you use the eye-wash, gently open the valve and let the water spray after use switch valve has to be closed

Eye wash for emergency cases, temporarily slow down hazardous objects on the physical injury, further processing and treatment, shall comply with the guidance of a doctor