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Hazardous Storage Cabinets Suppliers Successfully Attends Intersec In Dubai

May 08, 2019

Exhibition Name:Intersec Exhibition

Our Name:Shanghai SYSBEL Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

Time: During JAN.20-22 2019

The Intersec Exhibition in the Middle East covers all major fire protection and safety products, radiating the security industry throughout the Middle East and the Gulf. Buyers of hazardous chemicals management can match hazardous chemicals management supplies here.

As a professional manufacturer of hazardous chemicals management products, SYSBEL carries a “storage place” for fuel materials such as gasoline and diesel, and a “reservation center” for chemical materials such as paints, coatings and thinners. The “Classification Station” of chemical reagents. we usually share the professional buyers in the Middle East with excellent best practise, so that the customers in the Middle East are full of praise.