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How Can Be Called A Qualified Dangerous Goods Warehouse?

Jul 14, 2017

1. Warehouse planning timber rigorous

Hazardous chemical warehouses should use non-thermally conductive refractory materials to do the roof and wall insulation layer, the eaves should be lengthened to prevent the sun into the warehouse; the wall should be properly thickened, often open the window, using indirect ventilation holes, set Double-decked, double-decker roof; window glass painted blue or selected frosted glass.

2. Hazardous substances are classified according to standard classification

Chemical dangerous goods are generally divided into explosive items, water burning items, spontaneous combustion items, flammable solids, flammable and combustion gases, corrosive items, oxidants and so on. The classification of these items, sub-library, sub-section, sub-shelf, is strictly prohibited to the nature of each other, fire different methods, easy to cause spontaneous combustion items mixed in one place. When the items are stored, they can not be too high, too large, too dense, stacking and stacking. The stack should be kept at a distance from the wall, the column, the roof beam and the electric light, and the fire channel should not be stored in excess.

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3. There are lightning protection facilities

Dangerous chemicals warehouses are generally located in the local area of the unit or the city and are kept at a distance from the rest of the building, so that the open space around the warehouse is susceptible to lightning strikes. Therefore, the warehouse to install lightning protection devices to prevent lightning and cause a fire accident.

4. Temperature strict and timely

For the warehouse to set the water roof or in the warehouse roof set on the cooling water pipe, the temperature above 30 ℃ when the water cooling, so that the warehouse to keep the temperature below 28 ℃. In the warehouse roof paving sacks, can increase the roof of the insulation performance, but also the roof of the Treasury, the external walls and windows glass painted white, the use of white reflection of the sun to reduce the absorption of radiant heat to achieve the role of cooling. According to the nature of the goods and packaging, but also in the warehouse on the ground water, put ice, conditional installation of air conditioning to cool. Some of the warehouse in the morning and evening window ventilation, into the cold air, closed doors and windows at noon, to prevent hot air into.

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