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How Dangerous Chemicals Should Be Stored-SYSBEL(the Supplier & Manufacture Of Safety Cabinets )

Jul 06, 2017

1, chemical storage area or within the building should be equipped with circuit diagrams, lamps, fire accident lighting and evacuation signs, must meet the safety requirements, the warehouse ventilation ducts should not pass through the firewall, such as must be used when non-burning material split. Contained hazardous chemicals in the container before use must be checked, selected by the state designated explosion-proof inspection unit inspection of qualified explosion-proof electrical products

2, hazardous chemicals must be stored in a dedicated warehouse, dedicated venues or special storage room, storage methods, storage methods and storage must meet the national standards, and by the person management, the warehouse should be set up a clear fire rating mark, The road to the facility must remain open.

3, the custodian to carry out daily inspection of dangerous chemicals, safety data and emergency procedures to strengthen the explosion-proof electrical equipment, lightning, electrostatic extinguishing facilities management, storage units to deal with the number of hazardous chemicals storage and fire safety facilities for regular inspection, Found that the problem in a timely manner, flammable, explosive dangerous goods warehouse should take measures to prevent fire, approved by the vehicle into the warehouse must be installed flame arrester, the use of tools, protective equipment should meet the explosion-proof requirements, hazardous chemicals The use of departments and operations personnel must comply with the safety system and operating instructions, master the correct use of methods and emergency response measures.

How to choose safety storage cabinets?

- Choose cabinets according to the types and volumes

Confirm the containers are as below: safety cans, oily drums of less than 55Gal, small volume of coating containers, 4L bottles, aerosol containers or smaller bottles. All storage containers must be airtight.

- Confirm the volume of needed safety cabinet

Choose cabinets according to your needed volume.Bigger cabinets offer more storage space. SYSBEL Safety Cabinets have 11 different volumes, namely 4Gal, 12Gal,22Gal, 30Gal, 45Gal, 54Gal, 55Gal, 60Gal, 90Gal, 110Gal and 120Gal, you can choose the best type based on storage space and volume.

- Ensure the service environment of cabinets

Ensure cabinets are used on horizontal interface, and free from fire sources, dry and ventilated. Choose types based on needs, such as console cabinets, desktop cabinets or cabinets for ventilation hood in the lab, (SYSBEL 10Gal Safety Cabinet) . Also, you can base on leakage prevention demand to install proper PVC tray.

- Conform the Chemical properties of the chemicals to be installed