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How To Choose Chemical Storage Cabinets?— SYSBEL

Dec 27, 2017

First, choose FM certified products

      FM is the most stringent quality control agency in the United States. The FM standard not only meets consumer demand for product quality, but also enhances the product's position in the marketplace. The "FM" certificates and test reports for industrial and commercial products are universally acknowledged worldwide and the "FM" approval mark is the symbol of the highest quality standards in the minds of consumers.

Second, choose CE certified products

      "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, in the EU market "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark. CE certification sub-enterprises independently issued by the declaration of conformity, third-party agencies (intermediaries or testing and certification bodies) issued by the declaration of conformity, the EU notified body EU compliance certificate.

Safety storage is an effective way to prevent the fire risk,SYSBEL chemical storage cabinets use color management and label management to help you identify, manage and differentiate hazardous chemicals. SYSBEL chemical cabinet for flammable liquids for low and medium flash point flammable liquids, SYSBEL fireproof paint cabinet for the storage of paint, oil and other high flash point flammable liquids, Polyethylene acid corrosive storage cabinet cabinet for storage of corrosive liquids , SYSBEL hazardous storage cabinets for storing toxic chemicals, SYSBEL laboratory safety cabinets for the storage of pesticides, disinfectants and other chemicals.

SYSBEL developed chemical storage cabinets get approval certificate by FM Approval, It repress not only the quality of our tireless pursuit of products safety ,But also stands for the FM certified products quality level “best product certified by the highest standars”


SYSBEL Safety Cabinet is used for the storage of flammable liquids, chemicals, combustibles, toxic substances and pesticides, etc. It is widely used in the workshop of the factory, hospitals or laboratories in universities.The application industries include Oil, Gas, Power, Chemicals, Firefighting, Automobile, Laboratories, Electronics, Warehouse, Telecommunications, Marine, Cosmetics and Food, etc.

SYSBEL's Chemical Storage Cabinets,Flammable Liquid Storage,Safety Storage Cabinets,Hazardous Storage cabinets,Laboratory Safety Cabinets are in strict comply with related standards,such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 of American Occupational Safety and Health Administration and NFPA CODE30 of American National Fire Protection Association. SYSBEL attaches great importance to product quality management. After strict product testing, its products gain EU “CE” certification and FM Approval, etc. SYSBEL, relying on innovative solutions, always maintains the leading position in the industry, and provides quality products and services for the enterprises to ensure occupational safety,reduce fire risks and enhance productivity.