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How To Choose SYSBEL Spill Pallet?

Nov 01, 2017


Spill and leakage risks are major sources of hidden danger in the workplace.The poly spill pallet is actually a spill-proof plastic pallet with sump and forklift groove. It can be used for storing, handling and transferring oil drums and chemical drums. All liquid leaking out will flow into the sump rather than the ground. With the supporting ramp, chemical drums can be handled easily and quickly. The highstrength mobile and removable grate is easy to remove, clean and replace. Liquid in the sump can be discharged through the leakage holes, and most of liquid can be recycled.

The difference of spill pallets between others on the market and SYSBEL:

Others:The edge of similar products is too wide,no stiffeners,easy to deform,bad loading capacity

Ours:SYSBEL independently research and developed the poly spill pallet,it has the reinforcing rid,narrow edge strong.

Others:Similar products use the recycled material or mixed material,low quality,easy to broken.

Ours:SYSBEL choose high quality polyethylene particles,we refuse recycled material.

Others:Similar products the bottom structure is unreasonable,bad loading capacity.

Ours:SYSBEL independently research and developd of poly spill pallet mould,the bottom stucture design is reasonable,strong and stable.

Others:The marked capacity of the cheap products is higher than its actual capacity.

Ours:SYSBEL products marked volume is same as the actual volume.

Others:Inferior quality drain plug,short life,easy to leakage.

Ours:SYSBEL drain plug material is durable,long-term use without leakage. 

SYSBEL Spill Prevention, Containment & Control series, help you to keep the storage environment of oily and chemical drums clean, to effectively prevent and control possible liquid splashes, spills or pollution of spilled liquids. We also provide more emergency treatment products, to solve problems in a timely manner and cope with accidents with ease. SYSBEL pay Attention to product raw material management, product design and processing are responsible for a person, a special quality inspection departments to check the quality of finished products. Winning by quality, especially pay more attention on product details.