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How To Choose The Right Eye Wash--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

When we were there of the producing enterprise using chloride, fluoride and sulfuric acid or oxalic acid concentration is more than 50%, only ABS coating stainless steel eye wash or using special high performance stainless steel eye wash. Because used stainless steel 304 material production of wash eye device, can anti-general situation Xia of acid, and alkali, and salt and oil class, material of corrosion, but cannot anti-chloride, and fluoride, and sulfuric acid or is concentration over 50% of oxalic acid of corrosion, in above material exists of work environment, using stainless steel 304 material production of wash eye device, not to six months time, wash eye device on will has is big degree Shang of damage. At present, the ABS used in spraying eye-wash, only advanced eye washer producers solved the technical problems of 304 stainless steel material with special treatment, only very few companies have the technology. Made of stainless steel 304 with ABS spray after spray paint or 304 stainless steel material, then paint, 1 characteristics of ABS powder coating: powder attachment is strong ABS, 250-300 microns of thickness, corrosion resistance is strong.

And temperature according to the local winter temperatures to determine the current, except in the South China region, other regions will appear in the winter 0 deg weather, so eye wash can have water, ice effect eye wash for normal use. Eye washer inside the water problem to be solved, it is necessary to use antifreeze drain eyewash. Eye and skin damage if used hot water or warm water, corrosion will deepen the wound, causing more severe damage to the wounded, but counterproductive. It is recommended that eye washer users to use at room temperature pure water, such as in the East, Central and southwest regions of the used antifreeze drain eyewash. 2. Antifreezing eyewash is in use eye wash after the end or eye wash case in the standby state, emptying the whole eye-wash the inside of the water. Freezing eye washer has automatic emptying and emptying manually, under normal circumstances, all automatic emptying. For East, Central and Southwest China, winter underground permafrost in 20-30 cm, inlet pipe insulation materials can be used to prevent the water freezes inside water pipes in, you can use the automatic emptying of frost on the ground-eye wash. The eye wash can automatically emptying the whole eye-wash the inside of the water to prevent freezing. For the Northeast, North and Northwest China, winter underground permafrost in 50-190 cm, type antifreeze eye wash is obviously using the ground water freezing problem cannot be solved, you must use the automatic emptying buried freezing eyewash. The eyewash valve placed in freeze position below the permafrost, ground the switch on the control eye wash and drain the water, the eye wash can be automatically emptying the entire eye wash and inside pipes below the water to prevent freezing.