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How To Deal With The Burning Accident

Sep 04, 2018

1.Hot water (steam) burn first aid

After the human body is burnt by hot water (steam), it is cooled by applying cooling water or ice water. It takes a few minutes to cool down slightly, and it needs to be cooled for 30 minutes after severe burns. When there is a burn on the clothing part, it should be directly watered on the clothes to cool, and then cut off or take off the clothes after cooling. After adequately cooling the wound, cover the affected area with sterile gauze and receive treatment. Do not apply ointment until the doctor diagnoses it to avoid infection. In order to prevent scarring of the affected part, do not pick up the edema, and should be treated according to the doctor's request.

2. Fire burn first aid

(1) When the human body is burned by fire, the local flame should be used to extinguish the flame on the body. Do not rush to run, so as to avoid the fire and the wind more and more prosperous.

(2) Rinse or soak the burned area with tap water. Under the premise of being able to withstand, the lower the water temperature, the better. On the one hand, it can quickly cool down, reduce the burned area, reduce the heat conduction to the deep tissue, reduce the depth of burns; on the other hand, it can clean the wound and relieve pain. Do not apply color-sensitive drugs such as red mercury or purple syrup to burn wounds, so as not to affect the observation and judgment of scald depth, and do not apply oily substances such as toothpaste and ointment to burn wounds to reduce the chance of wound infection and reduce medical treatment. The difficulty of processing. If blisters appear, be careful to keep them. Do not remove the blisters to avoid infection.

3. Chemical burn first aid

For chemical skin burns, remove immediately from the scene, quickly remove contaminated underwear, footwear, etc., and rinse the wound with plenty of running water for 20 to 30 minutes (strong chemical is longer) to dilute toxic substances To prevent further damage and absorption through the wound. Do not apply ointment or red syrup or purple syrup on fresh wounds. Do not wrap them in dirty cloth.

For chemical eye burns, be sure to rinse quickly with running water. Open the eyelids during rinsing and thoroughly rinse the chemicals wrapped in the eyelids. If there is no flushing equipment on site, you can bury your head in the clean basin water, open the eyelids, and let the eyeballs rotate back and forth for washing. If calcium carbide and quicklime particles are splashed into the eyes, remove the granules with a cotton swab of paraffin oil or vegetable oil, then rinse with water.

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