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How To Escape When Gas Leaks Occur

Sep 04, 2018

(1) In the event of a gas leak accident, the on-site personnel shall not be alarmed. They shall perform their duties in accordance with the exercise procedures of the usual emergency plan and evacuate in an orderly manner. If the scene of the accident has been guided by ambulance personnel or special personnel, they must obey their command when they escape.

(2) When escaping from the scene of poison gas leakage, it is necessary to seize valuable time, and any behavior that delays the timing may have catastrophic consequences.

(3) Escape should be based on the characteristics of the spilled material, wear appropriate personal protective equipment. If there are no protective equipment or insufficient protective equipment on site, you can use wet towels or clothing to catch your nose and mouth.

(4) calmly determine the wind direction, and then according to the location of the gas leak source, the upward wind direction or along the side wind direction to evacuate, that is, the wind escape; in addition, according to the relative density of the leakage material, choose to escape along the high or low, but avoid Stay in low-lying areas.

(5) After escaping from the leaked area, you should go to the hospital immediately and detoxification if necessary.

(6) It should also be noted that when a gas leak occurs, if you do not wear protective clothing, you must not enter the accident site to save people. Because this will not only save others, but also hurt yourself.

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