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How To Exclude Security Risks--SYSBEL

Jul 14, 2017

Hazard investigation and management is an important work of safe production, is the enterprise safety production standardization risk management elements of the key content, in the enterprise safety inspection, hidden rectification of the main countermeasures and measures are as follows:

First, the implementation of mechanization, automated production mechanization, automated production is not only an important means of developing production, but also to achieve the fundamental way of intrinsically safe. Mechanization can reduce labor intensity, and automation can reduce the risk of personal injury.

Intrinsically safe - means that equipment, facilities, or technical processes are inherently capable of preventing an accident from occurring. Specifically, it includes three aspects:

1, false security function (Fool Proof).

2, Fail Safe function (Fail Safe).

3, the safety function should be hidden in the equipment, facilities or process technology.

Second, set the safety device

Safety devices include protective devices, safety devices and warning devices.

Third, to enhance the mechanical strength of mechanical equipment, equipment and its main components, must have the necessary mechanical strength and safety factor.

Fourth, to ensure electrical safety and reliability of electrical safety measures, usually including anti-electric shock, anti-electric fire explosion and anti-static, to ensure that the basic conditions of electrical safety include:

1, safety certification.

2, standby power supply.

3, anti-shock.

4, electrical fire explosion.

5, anti-static measures.

5, according to the provisions of maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment machinery and equipment is the main tool for production, it can not help in the course of some parts of the gradual wear and tear or premature damage, and even cause accidents on the equipment, the results not only to stop production, but also May cause the operator to be hurt. Therefore, to make the machinery and equipment often maintain a good state, the prevention of equipment accidents and personal injury and death accidents, must be regular maintenance and planned maintenance.

6, to maintain a reasonable layout of the workplace The workplace is the use of machinery and equipment, tools and other auxiliary equipment for raw materials and semi-finished products processing area. Perfect organization and reasonable layout, not only to promote production, but also to ensure the safety of the necessary conditions. Workplace scattered metal scraps, lubricants, emulsions, rough, semi-finished products clutter stacking, uneven ground conditions can lead to accidents.

Seven, with personal protective equipment

It is necessary to provide personal protective equipment with appropriate protective function according to danger, harmful factor and work category as supplementary measures. Secure storage is a simple and easy way to avoid fire risk. SYSBEL company is committed to the development and production of the world's leading level of fire safety cabinets, chemical safety cabinets, Sheng leakage tray, adsorption cotton, fire trash, eyewash, etc., to provide enterprises with a complete solution for safe storage, product research and development excellence Access to a number of national patent certificate, but also the first domestic access to the US FM certification of enterprises, and made in Canada CSA certification, the EU "CE" certification. Our products are widely used in petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries.
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