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How To Judge The Quality Of A Spill Pallet?

Aug 16, 2017

As the spill pallet is a safety protection products, so the quality of their own reliability is very important.

 1, The situations of spill pallet manufacturers . Is it a professional manufacturer? Is there a design, production, product development technology? Is there a professional certification report? EPA EPA and the US Leakage Prevention Act SPCC report is well authoritative. It is unreliable to have any test and time test. Shanghai SYSBEL is a professional spill pallet manufacturer,whose designed and produced spill pallet has been certified by the European Union CE, in line with the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA and the United States National Pollution Abatement System (NPDES) and SPCC related norms.

 2, The strength of the product. Obviously, people stepped on the swing of the product is impossible to bear the pressure of four oil drums. Deformation occurs, cracking is inevitable. Some products can't tolerate the high temperature in summer.but in the winter, it is impossible, the use of the material has a relationship, but also that his structural design, processing technology unreasonable.

 3, Chemical resistance. Different materials are not chemically resistant. The design is unreasonable, the processing technology is unreasonable, will cause some stress concentration, the chemical will accelerate the expansion of the crack, the overall tile is not far away. Some customers put some concentration of chemicals such as sulfuric acid, and soon corrosion cracking. 

 4, The amount of leakage. Some manufacturers just think themselves have 2 barrels of spill pallet or 4 barrels of spill pallet, to copy the others' leakage, that is not vague In fact, because the product structure is not the same, a lot of differences in the amount of leakage, Look at the huge forklift inside the slot, you know the amount of leakage is really not the same, although the size of the appearance are similar.

 5, The product’s design. A perfect design of the spill pallet, you must follow the principle of oil drums placed,so as to avoid the oil drum cover the water was sucked into the barrel. So a good spill pallet ’s four corners are higher than the middle part , so to achieve this tiny inclination. You do not need to pad a piece of wood under the oil bucket.