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How To Use & Keep SYSBEL Emergency Eye/Face Wash And Drench Shower

Oct 27, 2017


Shanghai SYSBEL, adhering to innovation, is known as one of the leading emergency eyewash station manufacturers and suppliers. Offering you competitive price, welcome to buy the quality and highly effective products for sale with us. SYSBEL eyewash complies with the standard of ANSI Z358.1-2014 and has been tested and approved by CSA. (Canadian Standards Association). As the emergency safety protection equipment, eyewash station series can be used for flushing the parts exposed to the splashed chemicals and other substances, such as the body, face or eyes, to promptly reduce the damage caused by chemicals, achieve rapid primary self-aid and save more time for further professional treatment.

In order to keep the emergency shower eyewash safe and effective, and can be used correctly, especially for emergency eyewash use and maintenance requirements are as follows:

First, use the method

1. When used, open the eyewash nozzle dust cover, as long as the hand gently push the valve, clean water will automatically come out from the eyewash nozzle, after the need to manually push the valve and reset the dust cover.

2. Emergency eyewash can be used for eye, face and other parts of the body for emergency washing.

Second, the use of management

1. In order to prevent deterioration of water quality or switch valve failure, emergency eyewash where the management should arrange for regular emergency eyewash to start testing water, requiring a week to start a water for more than 10 seconds, and check the working status is normal, such as Found that the failure should be promptly reported to the relevant departments to repair the equipment.

2. Keep the emergency eyewash clean, often wipe, usually should be covered with dust cover on the nozzle to ensure that the eyewash nozzle will not be blocked.

3. Create a dedicated record book, each time after the test water to record and sign.

4. Emergency eyewash is a special protective device, any individual shall not be used to rinse the instrument or for other purposes.

5. The safety supervisors of each room should be fully trained and trained in the staff, especially for new comrades, who should be proficient in mastering.

6. An annual eyewitness is required for annual inspection to see if the device is in good condition.

7. Emergency eyewash area where the management of the eyewash is responsible for the normal maintenance, maintenance; if found to be damaged eyewash, eyewash area where the timely reporting and repair.

Third, pay attention to matters

1 This equipment belongs to the room temperature equipment, the winter should do the pipeline antifreeze work.

2 emergency eyewash is only used for emergency situations, temporary maintenance of harmful substances on the eyes and the body further violations, can not replace medical treatment, after washing the situation is more serious must go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Related items shall not be covered, affecting the normal use of emergency eyewash.