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Improper Disposal Of Hazardous Chemicals Maybe Cause Anhui Chemical Plant’s Explosion

May 11, 2017

A chemical plant exploded on February 8th night in Tongling, Anhui. According to the pictures and video that users upload to the Internet, a sudden explosion, duration of 10 seconds or so, the fire red sky and raised a huge "mushroom cloud" that illuminated the black night. The local users said on micro-blog :"Even living in the very remote place can see the red light 、feel the great vibration and hear the sound." The local fireman guess it may be a fuel depot factory explosion, due to acetone, the specific cause of the fire is also unknown.

 Acetone is a flammable and toxic colorless transparent liquid, according to the national hazardous chemicals MSDS, acetone must be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse and be away from Fire and heat sources.It must be stored separately from oxidizing agents and shall be provided with explosion-proof storage and ventilation facilities. Storage areas shall be equipped with emergency handling equipment and appropriate containment materials.

Securely store is a simple and practical way to avoid fire risk. SYSBEL ‘s flammable liquid safety storage cabinets achieve safe storage by the classification of chemical management. Safe storage cabinets use color management and label management to help you identify, manage and differentiate hazardous chemicals. SYSBEL flammable liquid cabinet for low and medium flash point flammable liquids, SYSBEL fireproof paint cabinet for the storage of paint, oil and other high flash point flammable liquids, Polyethylene acid corrosive storage cabinet for storage of corrosive liquids , SYSBEL Toxic Cabinet for storing toxic chemicals, SYSBEL Pesticides Cabinet for the storage of pesticides, pesticides, disinfectants and other chemicals.

  In addition to the safety storage system (SCS), there are Spill prevention ,Containment &Control system (SPCC) and Eyewash system (EWS),SYSBEL can help you to reduce risks and ensure personal and environmental safety.