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Installation For SYSBEL Portable Eyewash

Jan 31, 2018


STEP 1: According to ANSIZ358.1, make sure portable eyewash unit shall be installed in accessible locations requiring no more than 10 seconds to reach and shall be within less than 30 meters from the hazard. Employees shall be instructed in the proper use of emergency eyewash equipment.

Select a suitable mounting location for the WG6000A and the WG6000B capable of supporting 68kg and 38kg. Mount unit to wall (not designed for tabletop or shelf mounting) utilizes "J" bracket (supplied). Note: The 3/8" mounting hardware not included. The top of the mounting hole should be located between 143.8cm 

to 194.6cm from the floor. Mark the mounting locations onto the wall and place mounting bracket on surface. Drill necessary holes into mounting surface, and secure "J" brackets Mounting Bracket to surface using mounting hardware. The eyewash nozzles shall be between 83.8 cm(33 inches )and 134.6 cm(53 inches)above the floor when eyewash arm is in the active (lowered) position. (See the Structure Drawing).


 Filled eyewash unit (WG6000A) is heavy (approximately 150 pounds). Mounting bracket anchors, (Quantity-4, not supplied), or shelf must be strong enough to support the filled portable eyewash and the weight of a worker leaning on portable eyewash.

STEP 2: Equip with a waste water collection barrel, if desired

STEP 3:Remove Fill Cap and fill the tank of portable eyewash with potable water (make sure that no debris or contaminants of any kind are present in it). 

STEP 4: Take proper precautions to help prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria in eyewash tank. (Refer to Maintenance Instructions).

RECOMMENDED TOOLS: Four 3/8" diameter hardware suitable for supporting filled eyewash (approximately 150 pounds) and tools needed to install the hardware.


Instruct all employees in the use of this Emergency Eyewash. Personnel should be assigned to check eyewash liquid level daily.

STEP 1: Lead patient to nearest eyewash station. Seconds can make the difference in preventing serious eye injury.

STEP 2: Pull black eyewash arm firmly. Eyewash arm will drop to activate eyewash.

STEP 3: Lower head until eyes enter eyewash stream. Use thumbs and forefingers to hold eyelids open. 

STEP 4: Seek qualified medical attention immediately


ANSI Z358.1 requires that all self-contained eyewash units shall be visually inspected weekly, unless the product is placed in environments with extreme conditions that may affect the form, fit, or function of the unit (temperature, dirt, etc.). If this is the case, then the inspection should be conducted more often as the end user deems necessary. Occasional cleaning and disinfection is recommended.