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Lab Equipment--Safer Storage Cabinets--SYSBEL

Jan 03, 2017

The use of hazardous and combustible materials is part of daily routine in most laboratories. On a daily basis the improper storage of such materials puts people, environment and property in great danger.

With its safety storage cabinet,SYSBEL enables the secure and proper storage of hazardous materials and flammable liquids within process areas, workrooms and laboratories.

The improper storage of flammable liquids involves a high risk in the event of fire. Therefore, SYSBEL developed safety storage cabinets get approval certificate by FM Approval, It repress not only the quality of our tireless pursuit of products safety ,But also stands for the FM certified products quality level “best product certified by the highest standars”

We hope SYSBEL  brand stell safety cabinets which pass the most rigorous testing,can bring the most reliable protection for your storage and property security.

Furthermore, the cabinets are equipped with a three –Point linkage  lockand the door can open 180° as well as an advanced Fireproofing vents to effectively reduce the concentration of volatile substances,and prevent fire hazards,special spill-proof shelves to avoid chemical leakage by accident.

An integrated transport base guarantees a high flexibility in cabinet location and allows an easy movement. Also, the wide range of interior equipment options makes it possible to maximise storage space based on the size and volumes of all containers used.