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Maintenance Of Eye Wash--SYSBEL

Oct 24, 2016

As a specialized manufacturer of eye wash factories, product problems are quite normal, and attitude is the most important to solve the problem, eye wash to continuously improve the production technology and improve the level of

For wash eye device appeared technology problem, we has always insisted of principles: "first solution problem, again distinguish responsibility", that is, regardless of is what reasons appeared of technology problem, first with customer solution the technology problem, avoid appeared wash eye device installation in customer site and cannot using of situation, solution wash eye device problem Hou, need distinguish appeared the technology problem of responsibility, avoid next appeared similar technology problem, or improved wash eye device technology process, avoid appeared such of technology defects.

High performance corrosion resistance of stainless steel clad eye wash is to configure the spray and eye wash parts of eye wash equipment, directly mounted on the ground at the work site, connections for drinking water use. The eye washer outer layer through a special craft processing, resistance to corrosion of various chemical substances and require ambient temperatures above 5 c area.