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SYSBEL Offers Overall Solutions Of The Crisis Management

Jul 11, 2018

It is well known that in the laboratory, chemicals that are very toxic, corrosive, flammable, and explosive are often stored. Frequently, it is necessary to use fragile glass and porcelain vessels and high-temperature electric heating equipment such as gas, water, electricity, etc. In an environment of intense and meticulous work, we must attach great importance to safe storage.

1. Lab spill containment pallet

Use concentrated acid, concentrated alkali, and must be handled with extreme care to prevent spillage. When using a pipette to measure these reagents, if it is accidentally splashed on the test bench or on the ground, the consequences are sometimes unimaginable. If a lightweight laboratory tray is placed in advance on the laboratory table, the liquid leaks directly into the tray. It will be corroded, which can effectively protect the safety and order of the experimental environment and ensure that the experiment is carried out in an orderly manner.

2. Absorbents

SYSBEL absorbents are available in a wide range of products, from absorbent cotton sheets suitable for small equipment oil wipes or laboratory table cleaning, to absorbent cotton strips that prevent the spread of oil on the surface, soft and can be bent at any desired location to prevent large scales. Chemical plants and other oil-absorbing/liquid grids with harmful liquid leakage, to adsorption cotton rolls suitable for large-area laying in workshop chemical plants, each of which is the crystallization of wisdom of SYSBEL product R&D personnel, with high absorption rate and fast absorption. Does not support combustion, high sentiment and so on.

3.Corrosive substance storage cabinets

One of the best selling products of the SYSBEL laboratory is the PP acid and alkali cabinet, which meets the needs of the laboratory for temporary storage and does not occupy the experimental land. It is the leader in the storage cabinet for chemical laboratories.

Corrosive substance storage cabinets

4.PP medicine cabinet(safety storage cabinet)

it is especially suitable for placing high-concentration acid-alkaline solutions in the laboratory and has superior corrosion resistance. It is suitable for all types of high cleanliness laboratories, such as trace metal laboratories, drug laboratories, biological laboratories, and semiconductor laboratories. It is widely used in chemical, medical, automotive, steel mills, universities, and scientific research institutions.

safety storage cabinet

5.Emergency eye wash station

The eye wash products of the hot-selling products of SYSBEL laboratory are hand-held, wall-mounted, portable, vertical, and composite. They meet the needs of various types of use, are flexible, easy to operate, and highly efficient in protecting employees. Used in factories, university laboratories, high-end hotels and other places.

Emergency eye wash station


SYSBEL has two kinds of cans for the disposal of waste products, such as oil waste cans, biohazard waste can.The names of the wastes are clearly visible in the area, and the wastes are also placed in the seat.

oil waste cans