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Polyethylene Spill Emergency Handling Cart And Set

Oct 22, 2020

In production and working sites, no matter how considerate the worker is, the leakage is inevitable. We need to make full preparations for the leakage especially for the materials which are easy to leak and pollute. The not timely and unprofessional leakage disposing will not only influence the working environment but also will cause slippery, fire and other accidents, even polluting the working environment (such as dangerous chemical liquids go to the drain) will heavily make threats to people’s life.  







The box is made of polyethylene, which is safe and reliable.

The inner part is equipped with a layer plate and a cotton coil support frame to facilitate the use of adsorption materials

The back is equipped with safety warning board, which acts as warning function when using

The product is equipped with door lock and streamlined door design which is beautiful and generous

The cart is equipped with professional anti-skid wheels which make the cart stable and not easy to slip, ensuring the security

Items can be placed on the top of the box (pay attention to the danger of falling when using)