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Safety Cans For Flammables & Diesel

Aug 22, 2018

SYSBEL safety cans for flammables & diesel are important part of storing any type of flammable liquid lies in it's easy identification and proper storage and handling. In the world of safety cans, there are many choices as well as many colors. 

SYSBEL safety cans

These cans really look great in different colors, but there is actually a very good reason for the variety.  Different types of flammables get stored in different color cans for quick and easy visual identification.  That way, everyone working with them knows exactly what's in each can at a glance.In the world of Flammables & Diesel, remember that yellow is for diesel and red for flammables.

SYSBEL Safety cans  made of galvanized steel, feature environmentally friendly lead-free technology.  


-Fixed and rounded carrying handle enable to accompany with clamp to open lid without any secondary linkages, bring a convenience in carrying and using

-Lead-Free Technology, made from 24 gauge galvanized steel

-The reinforcement support shaft-design and centrosymmetric rib- design of the bottom, help to balance the can’s interior force 

-Positive press relief cap, leaktight, automatically vent vapor between 0.2 and 0.35bar(3 and 5 psig) to prevent rupture(or explosion in event of fire),Spring loaded, it closes automatically after filling or pouring

-Baked on lead-free epoxy paint finish, minimizing the effects of corrosion and humidity 

-Seamless design for combination of the top and the body of the can

-Yellow belly band with warning and clear content identification area for added security

-Meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106, 1925.152 and NFPA Code 30

-Available in 2.5&5 Gallon Sizes,no weld bottom seam