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SYSBEL Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

Sep 14, 2017

If you use the cylinder you should note the following:

1.The use of cylinders before the user should focus on the cylinder to fill the gas to confirm whether the gas is in line with operational requirements;

2.The bottle is intact;

3.Pressure reducer, flow meter, hose, anti-tempering device for leaks, wear and joints and other phenomena;

4.The cylinder should be placed in a ventilated, cool, non-corrosive special places to use, to prevent rain and sun exposure, should not touch the current through the conductor;

5.the cylinder should be used to stand, is strictly prohibited lying, and should take measures to prevent dumping, toxic and harmful gases should be fixed in the use of special cylinders;

6.is strictly prohibited percussion, collision cylinder. It is forbidden to carry out arc welding on cylinder.

7.the cylinder is strictly prohibited near the fire, heat and electrical equipment, and the fire from the distance of not less than 10 meters;

8.oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders at the same time, should try to avoid put together;

9.after the use of empty bottles, should be moved to empty bottle storage area; is strictly prohibited empty bottles and real bottles mixed.

SYSBEL Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are constructed of sturdy, 1.2mm steel  with a tough powder-coat paint to save compressed gas cylinders (40L). The system with gas leak detector, automatic alarm and fan,which have explosion-proof function,prevent effectively the risk of accidental gas leakage and provide a reliable solution for the storage of cylinders. All models are compliant to the requirements of OSHA 1910.101 and NFPA 58.




1. Constructed of durable, 1.2mm galvanized steel with a tough powder-coat paint to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

2. Equipped with explosion-proof windows on the door, making it convenient to observe.

3. Pass holes set on the side ensure well ventilation.

4.2-point manual latch with keyed lock prevents unauthorized access.

5. Adopted stationary chain to keep cylinders standing vertically.

6. Sturdy, foldable pedal on the bottom helps to load and unload easily.

7.Combustible gas detector system has certification with  ExdⅡ CT6 and IP65. 

8. Alarm device will be activated flashlight and buzzer once system detects leakage of gas. 

9. Two air-exhaust systems are optional. One equips with fan and leakage is expelled externally to reduce gas concentration inside. The other provides port for connecting between main exhaust system and cabinet.