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SYSBEL Oil Waste Can Reach A Real Protection

Nov 30, 2017


As we all know that in everyday life garbage waste is ubiquitous and besides hazardous waste, it is more hazardous waste. For example, in the industrial manufacturing industry, many laboratories in schools involve a lot of waste, while hazardous chemicals Product waste with flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, high temperature, high pressure operation, the production process is complex and so on, a little careless and prone to fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, these waste must be placed for later recycling, then, these waste should be placed where? SYSBEL combined with the status quo, designed oil waste can, to solve the problem of temporary storage and disposal of waste, to prevent leakage of hazardous chemicals to reduce potential safety problems.


SYSBEL oil waste can has special lid whose opening angle is no more than 60 degree. The self-closing lid design ensuires the rag can tightly closed in the absence of external force, to effectively control the three elements of fires.



*Ventilation hole at the base of oily rag container

*Foot operated design

*A good helper for you to collect oily trashes!

*OSHA standard oil waste containers prevents fire risks and colllect rags and cloth submersed in oil.