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SYSBEL Successfully Attends A+A During Oct. 17-20, 2017 In Germany

Oct 20, 2017

Exhibition Name: A+A 2017

Our Name:Shanghai SYSBEL Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

Time: October 17th-20th



A+A starts in 1954 with over 60 years’ history, and is the largest trade show among the safety industry. It is held every other year at Dusseldorf. The profession and completeness of the trade show attracts lots of suppliers and buyers around the world.

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We are the only one  who showed the the Safety Containment Systems (SCS), Spill Prevention, Containment & Control (SPCC) and Eye Wash Systems (EWS)in the exihition.We have shown the following products:
Safety storage cabinets、chemical storage cabinets、flammable liquid storage、hazardous storage cabinets、laboratory safety cabinets、spill containment、secondary containment、spill containment kits、Spill control kits、eye wash station、safety shower、eye wash solution、Emengercy Portable Eye Wash Station and so on.

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SYSBEL®(Shanghai SYSBEL Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.) is a brand sales management company who always focus on environment protection & employee safety and health. SYSBEL® team are committed to researching and producing the world's leading safety storage cabinets, spill prevention,Oil containment drum spill control pallets,Emengercy Portable Eye Wash Station,safety eye wash station.