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The Cause Of The Laboratory Accident

Sep 13, 2018

1 person's own protection is missing or improper

In short, the protective equipment to be worn should be worn, and the protective equipment to be worn should be worn. And protection is obtained, enough to withstand potential hazards.

Unsafe operation or wrong behavior of 2 people

(1) Enter the danger zone unsafely.

(2) Incorrect operation, flammable, explosive, toxic substances.

(3) Incorrect operation of the equipment.

(4) Mix chemicals at will.

(5) Perform heating operations such as distillation and reflow in a closed system.

(10) Use a non-pressure-resistant glass instrument in a pressurized or decompressed test.

(11) The reaction is too intense and loses control due to excessive drug use.

(12) The oxygen cylinder and the hydrogen cylinder are placed together to cause an explosion.

(13) Lack of effective communication when working with other laboratory personnel.

Sisbel Industrial Safety Cabinet

Separate chemical reagent bottles by using the Sisbel Chemical Safety Cabinet.

3 laboratory environment has security risks

(1) Safety hazards in the research environment

Poor laboratory conditions, poor ventilation, prone to combustion and explosion accidents caused by flammable gases, or poisoning accidents caused by the accumulation of toxic gases. Dangerous goods are not stored properly. The layout of the laboratory is unreasonable.

(2) Protection system security risks

The laboratory fire protection system should be combined with a water supply fire extinguishing system and a dry ice fire extinguishing system. The instrument room does not use water to extinguish the fire, so that the water does not damage the instrument, but dry ice should be used to extinguish the fire.

Security doors and windows should be used for the doors and windows on the ground floor of the experimental building. There should be no fewer than two safe exits in the laboratory. In laboratories prone to fire, explosion, and chemical damage, the evacuation door should be opened in the direction of evacuation.

The partition wall of the valuable instrument room shall be fireproof for at least one hour, and fireproof and flame retardant materials shall be used.

Vapors with volatile hazards should purchase fume hoods.

Biosafety cabinets and fume hoods cannot use the same ventilation system.

Eye washers and showers should also be purchased.

Sisbel Eyewasher

Noise-generating laboratories should adopt noise reduction measures.

Lightning protection measures were not in place, causing disruption of communication systems, destruction of power systems, soldering of electronic equipment, and even fire in the entire experimental building.

SYSBEL chemical storage safety cabinet

Use SYSBEL  chemical storage safety cabinet to separate chemical reagent bottles separately to prevent fires and protect laboratory safety.

(3) Security risks of the alarm system

Alarm equipment should be installed in the storage area of radioactive materials.

The gas cylinder cabinet should have an alarm device.

Each laboratory should be equipped with a thermal or smoke detector, connected to the central fire alarm system, with sound and light alarms, preferably networked with local fire agencies, in case of fire, the first time to respond.

Laboratory poisoning accident scene map

(4) Safety hazards of equipment installation

The installation and commissioning of electrical circuits and instruments is quite complicated, and improper handling can lead to electric shock.

The electrical equipment is not equipped with an electric leakage fire detecting device, which causes the leakage current to be too large to form a residual current action protection, thereby causing a local leakage spark to cause a fire.

The protection of the electrical equipment is not properly connected to the test room.

No electrical fire monitoring system or residual current action protection device was installed in the laboratory.

At the site of installation and commissioning, pay attention to fire prevention, and there must be warning or isolation signs.

The installation and commissioning staff should wear appropriate safety equipment.

If you need welding or other hot work, you should apply for a hot work permit and take appropriate safety measures.


4 There are safety hazards in the experimental items or instruments

(1) The ignited flammable gas is impure.

(2) The water, electricity and gas roads are aging and are in disrepair.

(3) The equipment has been damaged, but it is unknown.

 Pay attention to

A single article cannot have the integrity of the information, so in the specific security practice, it is necessary to refer to some relevant information according to the specific situation, in order to find a better security solution!