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SYSBEL:The Fire Safety Storage Cabinet Of EN Standard

May 19, 2020

Recently,the TÜV Rheinland Group,the leading international third-party inspection,testing and certification organization,issued Shanghai SYSBEL Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.its European standard EN 14470-1: 2004 (Type 30) certificate of fire safety storage cabinet SE830450 in China.


The fire safety storage cabinet SE830450 applied by SYSBEL has passed the strictest fire resistance test on the site of the German TÜV Rheinland testing agency this time. In the most rigorous fire resistance test, after 30 minutes of high temperature (842 ° C) combustion in the furnace, the maximum temperature of 15 real-time monitoring points in the SYSBEL fire safety storage cabinet is far lower than the standard requirement of 180 ℃. And meet and pass the EU standards EN 14470-1: 2004 standards and testing requirements.



Users can check the authenticity of TÜV Rheinland official website by the certificate number.