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The Flammable Fire Safety Cabinet Manufacturer SYSBEL Reminds That,Bad Habits Will Cause Fire

Sep 26, 2018

The Nigerian official confirmed on the 11th that a gas station in Rafiya, the capital of Nasara, the central part of the country, had an explosion on the 10th, killing at least 35 people and injuring more than 100 people.

According to Xinhua News, the Nasarawa State Emergency Management Agency issued a statement on the 11th that the main cause of the accident was a gasoline leak, and details are still under investigation.

The statement said that the vast majority of the deceased were onlookers after the incident. When the fire spread to the main highway leading to the capital, Abuja, many cars and motorcycles were burned and destroyed.

This is a painful lesson

This is also a second accident caused by oil leakage.

Let's analyze the accident:

Oil leakage occurred at the gas station → the onlookers did not evacuate in time → the oil leak failed to control the fire in time → the fire evolved into an explosion causing onlookers

The gasoline, diesel and natural gas in the gas station are all volatile, flammable and explosive liquids or gases. Therefore, the fueling place is a high-risk place. At the gas station, you need to pay attention to your own behavior at all times. So what can we do at the gas station? ?

Inappropriate gas stations have hidden dangers

In addition to the quality problems of oil products, the gas stations of the gas stations often have various hidden dangers, which are prone to various safety accidents.

Stop and cheer

Gas stations require that motor vehicles must be extinguished and fueled. This is because gasoline is flammable and volatile. Volatile gasoline molecules will accumulate to a certain concentration in the air and there is a risk of explosion. Car engines are prone to sparks or leakage. Risks provide the basis for oil and gas explosions. Although gas stations have been installed at gas stations, the probability of oil and gas explosions has dropped to a minimum, but for safety reasons, we should be careful.

No smoking, carrying fire, making calls

In gas stations, oil depots, fueling areas, and tank farms, we will all see eye-catching reminders: no smoking, no fire, no cell phone. Because smoking and fire will bring safety hazards to these oil-filled areas, the radio waves generated by the mobile phone can cause the radio-receiving antenna to induce RF current. When the RF current circulates between the metal conductors, if there is rust or poor contact, RF spark will be generated. If the spark lasts for more than 1 second, it is enough to ignite the oil and gas.

Not taking clothes in the gas station

Because of the advancement of modern technology, the use of chemical fiber clothing is more and more extensive. Chemical fiber fabrics are easy to generate static electricity through friction. Touching the metal with a hand with static electricity will generate electric sparks to ignite oil and gas, especially in the dry winter. This is not an alarmist.

Do not repair vehicles in the fueling area, hit the metal

Common sense tells us that metal strikes will produce electric sparks, and repairing vehicles will inevitably lead to metal collisions. Once there is a spark, there will be safety hazards, so if your vehicle really fails in the gas station, Be sure to push away to a safe area for repairs.

In the event of a fire, evacuate quickly and must not be onlookers.

Last but not least, once a fire is found at a gas station or a nearby gas station, it must be evacuated immediately, so as not to cause unnecessary casualties. Call out as soon as possible after evacuating to a safe area to prevent further spread of fire.

Although SYSBEL fire safety cabinets and other products play a vital role only in chemical storage and transportation, SYSBEL anti-static grounding conductors are anti-flashing products in terms of fire prevention.
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