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Trolley Manual Of Accidental Release Measures - SYSBEL

Apr 12, 2019
When an oil chemical leak occurs, a leak emergency handling cart kit is pushed to the site, which is convenient and quick:
1. First, protect yourself. Wear chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses;
2. Secondly, on the periphery of the leaking liquid, the absorbent sliver is thrown to block the oil leakage or chemical enclosure to prevent further spread of pollution to the large area environment;
3. Take out the absorbent cotton sheet and place it on the surface of the oil surface or chemical liquid that is enclosed, and absorb the oil or chemicals quickly by the adsorption force of the absorbent cotton sheet;

4. Finally, take out the anti-chemical garbage bag, clean all the used absorbent cotton sheets, adsorption strips, viscous liquid or solid and other impurities, and clean them into the anti-chemical garbage bag, tie the bag mouth, and hand it over to the professional waste. The object processing company to deal with. The leaking emergency cart can be reused after the treatment has been cleaned.

Trolley Manual of Accidental Release Measures
Trolley Manual of Accidental Release Measures
Trolley Manual of Accidental Release Measures

Leakage emergency treatment cart set, mobile chemical emergency cart is also called chemical spill emergency box, anti-chemical cart, anti-overflow component, etc.
It is mainly for fast and effective emergency products for oil chemical spill emergency and post-leakage cleaning. The cart is divided into two layers. The upper emergency box is placed with an absorbent cotton roll, which can absorb the chemicals that are cleaned and leaked, and the lower layer is placed with absorbent cotton sheets, cotton slivers, etc.
Applicable areas:

Suitable for cleaning and preventing any possible leakage of oil and chemicals, including manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, marine emergency, port, fire, hydropower, energy and power, environmental protection, chemical plants, Any place where it is necessary to remove leaking liquids such as oil fields and oil bases.
Particularly suitable for use in marine oil spill emergency rescue, port terminals, shipping vessels, environmental cleaning companies, laboratories, schools, water and electricity departments, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, auto repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus, etc.