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What's The Role Of Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Oct 12, 2018

Gas cylinder cabinets are metal containers used to improve local exhaust ventilation, protect cylinders (gas cylinders) from fire outside the cabinet, and protect surrounding objects from internal fires.

There are purging systems, alarms and vents inside the gas cylinder cabinet, usually one bottle, two bottles and three bottles.

1. Description of the gas cylinder cabinet shell: The outer shell is made of 1.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate in the CNC machining center, cutting, positioning, punching, bending and welding. After pickling and phosphating, the epoxy resin powder is sprayed and cured at high temperature. High adhesion, surface hardness and corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, side panels punching louver holes.

2, gas cylinder cabinet door description: the cabinet door is double open, all steel. 1.0mm high quality cold rolled steel plate (double layer), removable joint with removable pad.

3, gas cylinder cabinet process description: all steel plate welding after epoxy resin powder spray pattern, visually flat no solder joints. Built-in cylinder fixture.

4, gas cylinder cabinet hinge: DTC hinge, beautiful appearance, no noise when opening and closing, the number of times more than 50,000, strong anti-rust, corrosion resistance, reaching the international hardware industry standards.