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SYSBEL Flammable Liquid Storage

- Fires instantly destroy everything you have ruthlessly, causing major casualties, property damage and other consequences.

- What helps to prevent and control fire hazards?

- Safe storage is a simple measure for avoiding risks. Chemicals classification and grading management is important.

- SYSBEL provides quality flammable liquid storage, which will help you to store hazardous chemicals safely and reduce fire risks.

SYSBEL Flammable Liquid Storage has important functions

1.Store chemicals safely and reduce fire risks

2.Ensure aid time when fires occur

3.Make dangerous chemicals more recognizable, stored orderly, and properly-stored(isolation, separated or detached storage)

4.Comply with FM Approval Standard for Storage Cabinets (Flammable and Combustible Liquids) Class Number 6050,OSHA 29 CER 1910.106 of American Occupational Safety and Health Administration, NFPA CODE30 of American National Fire Protection Association and Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance of State Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration, thus to providesafe storage of flammable liquid and chemicals

5.Improve the availability of chemicals in working place

6.Enhance fire safety through Door-Lock System and fireproof and explosion-proof vent

Adjustable shelves:adjustable among every 6.5cm floor which can make full use of spaceSYSTEX Three-point linkage lock: make lock safer; Flush paddle handle offers easy operation and save spaceFireproofing ventilationhole:at both sides of the cabinet, one on the top and the other on the bottom
Safety locking devices in line with Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance (December 1st, 2011 Version)The three-point bullets:anti-static design structureFMApproved Anti-Static Device:conductor grip combine the equipment with the cabinet to conduct the static to earth, thus to prevent fire accident

Types of flammable liquid storage

In storing chemicals, colors and labels are generally used for identify different chemicals, so if fires occur, SYSBEL Flammable Liquid Storage is easy for firemen to indentify hazardous chemicals.

- Choose flammable liquid storage according to the types and volumes
Confirm the containers are as below: safety cans, oily drums of less than 55Gal, small volume of coating containers, 4L bottles, aerosol containers or smaller bottles. All storage containers must be airtight.
- Confirm the volume of needed flammable liquid storage
Choose cabinets according to your needed volume.Bigger cabinets offer more storage space. SYSBEL Safety Cabinets have 11 different volumes, namely 4Gal, 12Gal,22Gal, 30Gal, 45Gal, 54Gal, 55Gal, 60Gal, 90Gal, 110Gal and 120Gal, you can choose the best type based on storage space and volume.
- Ensure the service environment of flammable liquid storage
Ensure cabinets are used on horizontal interface, and free from fire sources, dry and ventilated. Choose types based on needs, such as console cabinets, desktop cabinets or cabinets for ventilation hood in the lab, (SYSBEL 10Gal Safety Cabinet) . Also, you can base on leakage prevention demand to install proper PVC tray.

- Conform the Chemical properties of the chemicals to be installed

Color management + 5Label management = 5Identifiability

Color management and label management helps you to identify, manage and distinguish between a variety of dangerous chemicals in the storage process.According to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of chemicals planned to be stored, you can determine their chemical characteristics and storage requirements, choose corresponding categories of safety storage cabinets in color and label management system, classify and grade chemicals, to avoid the risk of fires, gas reaction and explosion due to incompatible chemical storage.

How to choose flammable liquid storage´╝č

In line with the US industrial tradition:

Comply with OSHA 29 CFR1910.106 - FLAMMABLE


Qualified Supplier for World Leading Enterprises

SYSBEL flammable storage cabinet is used for the storage of flammable liquids, chemicals, combustibles, toxic substances and pesticides, etc. It is widely used in the workshop of the factory, hospitals or laboratories in universities.The application industries include Oil, Gas, Power, Chemicals, Firefighting, Automobile, Laboratories, Electronics, Warehouse, Telecommunications, Marine, Cosmetics and Food, etc.


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