Industrial Wiping Cloth

Soft to the touch, Repeatedly used, Strong toughness and excellent wiping performance

Product Details

SYSBEL industrial wiping paper series products are selected from high-quality materials and are made of plant fibers and polyester. The wiping effect is good. It has the characteristics of high absorption rate, fast absorption, no combustion support, and high cleanliness.It does not react with polar, toxic and dangerous chemicals, is safe to use and no harm to human health. The low cost of waste disposal, simple  cleaning of leaked liquid, is a good helper for cleaning your workplace!








Product Features:

1.High absorption performance;

2.High dry and wet strength,used with combination with solvents to meet daily wiping needs;

3.Do not leave dust after rubbing,do not fade;

4.Cleaning and wiping of liquid leaks,cleaning and protection of production equipment,maintenance and cleaning of workplaces;

5.Pass ROHS testing,professional quality;

6.FDA certified fot direct access to food materials,silicone oil-free silicone certification;

7.It meets the sanitary standard of GB 15979-2002 disposable sanitary products.


Laboratory, factory, workshop assembly line, etc.

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