Sysbel Biohazard Waste Can

DESCRIPTION ● Constructed of polyethylene (PE), which are resistant to most chemical compounds. ● One-piece, blow-molded construction has no seams to develop leaks. ● Self-closing lid stays closed when not in use. ● Convex lugs moves easily from workstation to workstation. ● Foot lever opens lid...

Product Details

Sysbel Biohazard Waste Can


●Polyethylene material, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, resistant to most chemicals;

●The barrel is integrally blow molded, 100% leakproof;

●The self-closing bucket cover is designed to be fully closed without external force;

●The handles on both sides are easy to handle;

● Pedal switch control, liberating hands during work, the opening angle of the lid is not more than 60 degrees under the force state, in line with UL standards;

● Eye-catching warning labels for on-site management and differentiation;

● Meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.125 requirements.

● Labeled for easy identification.

● Comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.125 and UL.


1. Can be used to store most hazardous chemicals solid waste;

2. Can be used independently or in combination with anti-chemical treatment bags;

3. Some chemicals that are not compatible with polyethylene are strictly prohibited to store in this Biohazard Waste Can;

4. Grasp the lugs with both hands and keep level for carrying.

5. Some flammable waste is recommended to be stored in the SYSBEL Sysbel Biohazard Waste Can;

6.Loading on lid is prohibited;

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